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Factors That You Need to Consider Before Buying a Trail Camera


Among hunters, trail cameras or game cameras are very popular. In order to monitor the movements of animals that frequent certain places, they use these cameras. On the market, there are some various game cameras that you can get. You can go fore the right trail or game camera based on the features that you need. Here are some factors that you need to consider before buying a trail or game camera.


Flash- You have two options when it comes to flash. One is the incandescent flash and the other one is the infrared flash. Pros and cons are both present in each option. If you are fond of night time recording, the best option for you is the infrared flash. But even if it is the best option for you, infrared flash has also its disadvantages and one of it is that it can only record in black and white. Read more info here!


On the other hand, if you want quality color images, incandescent flash cameras can offer you that. This particular flash is similar to the one found on digital cameras. Moreover, these cameras take longer to shoot photos and also uses up more battery power.


Resolution- The number of pixels of a picture will be composed of is referred as resolution. If you want to have a higher quality image, you will need more pixels just like a regular camera. A lower-end camera that features 3 to 4 MP of resolution is recommended if you have are on a budget. Also, if you want a resolution between 8 to 10 MP, you can try the higher-end ones. Know more details here!


Batteries - Power from AA, D or C batteries are what trail cameras need. However, you van also get some that has higher volts. It will cost you more to purchase batteries that offer longer back-up time. Batteries that offer longer back-up times are paired with higher-end cameras.


Trigger speed and recovery time - The movement when the camera detects heat and motion in order to take a shot is what the trigger time or trigger speed is referring to. For you to record an animal that is moving at a lighting fast speed, you will need a faster trigger speed to record it.

Aside from trigger speed, a faster recovery time is also what you need. Ideally, if you want to shoot multiple animals in the field of view, make sure that the camera can offer a one-second recovery and trigger time.

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